Is your online security at risk?

Is your online security at risk?

SEO in Bendigo is something in which many business wind up stressing over keywords and social media, but take shortcuts that leave themselves vulnerable and open. And so I hope to share with you a number of tips and tricks I have already picked up to assist you as a company in Bendigo so as to make sure you are not ruining your security. The majority of these tips are centred on WordPress simply because it is the most commonly used platform, and there are many really straightforward ways to help make it more protected.

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There is a surprisingly large number of people that visit us because their WordPress site has been hacked. It can range from some terrible things such as having data and information stolen, to even having some malicious sites put up advertisements that you don’t want.

So my first bit of advice has to do with passwords. Too many people do not have a strong enough password because they either use the same one for every single thing, or it is something really common. Do not use your date of birth, your dogs name, or your email name. you want letters, numbers and symbols. It may be annoying to recall but there are clever ways to think about this. One that I have seen used really well is to pick something easy to remember, such as a date, but spell it out. For instance, if your Bendigo business was opened up on the 23rd of January, perhaps think about a password that is twenty3JAN– it is still uncomplicated to remember, but far more challenging to guess. Same rules apply to your username– please do not have it set as ‘admin’.

Next, I want you to make certain you look at security plug-ins. These are really very important and really easy to get access to in WordPress. I would suggest that you search for these ones– I have used one myself for years, and I have had clients that love the other two.

  • Bulletproof security.
  • WordFence.
  • Exploit Scanner.

My final piece of security advice for you is to stay away from free themes and purchase something with greater security. Most business that have security issues have just gone with a pretty, free theme that is practical but has far too many areas that can be exploited. Don’t get me wrong, many themes are secure enough to use, but it isn’t always the case, so I tell people to basically invest $20 and get a decent one which is known for security. I would suggest considering they have some brilliant themes, and even have some premium themes completely free as part of their monthly specials.

That’s everything I have to say, just 3 quick, simple pieces of advice that you can carry out this very day if you want to save yourself pain and suffering down the track. Update your password, get a security plug-in, and purchase a good theme. Your SEO campaign is not going to do you any good if your web site is open to security threats and no one relies on you anymore. If you have any security concerns at the moment, or you want to learn more about what else you can do with SEO feel free to contact us here at Internet Marketing Experts Bendigo on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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